Infrastructure & Facilities Infrastructure

Our Manufacturing Facility

We have an excellent manufacturing unit that is well-equipped to take over large production capacity. The machinery is well-maintained and the tools & technologies are on par with the market standards. We use good quality raw materials which are sourced from vendors who are reputable and well-known for their quality.

The manufacturing unit consists of a spacious warehouse that is used to store raw materials and finished products in a safe and dry area. The dedicated R&D unit provides extensive research studies and keeps the company on par with the changing market trends and dynamics. The logistics unit work with the packaging experts and ensure on-time delivery of products in undamaged condition.

Few key factors of our manufacturing unit are
  • Well-maintained machinery
  • Advanced tools & technology
  • Highly-qualified employees
  • Good quality-control standards
  • Dedicated R&D team
  • Spacious warehousing facility
  • Excellent packaging materials

Research & Development

A research and development unit is a must for any manufacturing organization. We have a dedicated R&D unit comprising of well-qualified research experts. They are equipped with excellent tools and technology that assists in producing accurate analysis and results.

The key role of this unit is to keep the company at par with the changing market trends and dynamics. This results in quick grasping of newer innovations, coming up with simpler techniques and tools and producing a premium range of products that are of world-class quality.

Few key responsibilities of this department are -
  • Periodical analysis of market trends
  • Studies on newer innovations
  • Improvise techniques and methodologies
  • Expand existing product-line
  • Understand national & international laws and practices

Warehousing & Packaging

Our manufacturing unit is equipped with a spacious warehouse that is used for storage of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products. Supervised by experienced store-keepers, an up-to-date inventory of all products are maintained. Adequate shelf and racks are provided to ensure an organized and simple procedure of storing and retrieving of products. We use good quality packaging materials that safeguard the products from moisture, dirt and other elements during delivery. The logistics department work closely with the store-keepers to ensure adequate packaging is provided to the finished products. By taking all precautionary measures we provide our customers with on-time delivery of products in excellent condition.